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Understanding your Options with Buy-to-Let Remortgages

A Comprehensive Guide to BTL Remortgages

Releasing equity from your buy-to-let properties is an effective way of accessing capital you may need for the development of your business. As a landlord there is any number of reasons you may want to remortgage, and while it is possible with your BTL properties, it’s a different process to your standard remortgage. My detailed and helpful guide is here to ensure you have the information you need to secure the best possible buy-to-let remortgage deal and maximise your returns and the equity available.

With this guide you can ensure you get the best possible terms on your BTL remortgage deal as I’ve used my industry expertise and knowledge to provide insider knowledge into how your BTL remortgage options will be calculated and how you can improve your prospects. Download your copy of this guidebook for free today and increase your working capital for whatever purposes you have in mind.

Release Equity, Grow your Property Business

Buy-to-let remortgaging is one of our specialties so let me and the team at City Mortgages show you the criteria you need to meet to quality for that next mortgage lender. It can be a complex process and there are technical stages and elements, but with the right help, you can access a range of deals suitable to your circumstances. Insider knowledge makes all the difference, and this free guide is here to take you one step closer to accessing the capital you need for the benefit of your property business.

Remortgaging BTLs for a Bigger, Better Future

Whether you have one or several BTL properties, there is scope to remortgage for many reasons. Whether you simply want better terms, have redevelopment plans or want to grow your portfolio, this guide is here to help and show you how to meet the requirements of the lenders out there.
Each page of this guide is designed to give you further understanding and insight into how remortgaging on buy-to-let properties works. Everything is here for you in bite-sized chunks so you can quickly and easily get to grips with the requirements necessary to gain that much-wanted remortgage, on the best possible terms too!

Download your Guide to BTL Remortgages Right Now

This guide to BTL remortgaging is your chance to maximise the value of your rental properties and ensure you generate as much equity as possible from them. It is 100% free and contains our expert advice. Everything inside is designed to help you get the deal you’re looking for and we’re sure to cover the negatives as well as the positives, giving you all the info you need to move forward and seal that perfect deal.

Download your copy of the guide today and see exactly how much you could benefit from a BTL remortgage.

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Step 1


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Step 2


Your Adviser will send details of the mortgage they think best suits your background, current situation and preferences and give you the option to arrange a second call to answer any questions.

Step 3


Once you decide to proceed, your Adviser will initially help you put everything together that the lender will require to assess and complete your application. They will then complete the application for you directly to the lender online and ensure the application is tracked by us.

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